A summer in the UK and Paris

Hello, that is the French man back in France

I Hope you are doing well.

I have added some photographies that I have been taking since last mid June.

After my trip to Edinburgh, I began to work on my dissertation but I also had several interviews in the UK to find a PhD (thèse) next year and that was the opportunity of discovering more of England.

In late June, I went to London just for one day, for an interview. So I have a few pictures from London.

More interestingly, I went to Bath which is a lovely beautiful town in the South of England. I slept at a couch surfer’s place. The couch surfer was named Claire who is a nice girl around thirty year old. She was currently working in a French restaurant in Bath named « Au Beaujolais ».  After my PhD interview in Bath University, I enjoyed some Bath Ales (Beers) in the city with some funny friends of Claire. I also found time to visit one of the most famous neolithic site  in Britain (like Carnac in France). It is called Avebury site. It is near StoneHenge (the first most famous neolithic site). But in Avebury you are free to touch the rocks and of getting inside the monuments not like in Carnac. In particular, there is the biggest prehistorical monument in Europe : a gigantic tumulus as you can see it on the pictures.

After that, I needed to focus on my dissertation and also to prepare my interviews in France to get money for doing a PhD.

  After those interviews, I enjoyed a nice week in Paris with one of my friend of Lancaster. He came from Malawi in Africa and was quite interested in visiting Paris. At the end of the week I realised that my friend was more interested in meeting French beauties and nice pubs for hiding out.

Then I went back to Lancaster, and during the last weekend of July, I went to visit Dublin. It was A very nice fastly planned 3 day weekend. I met a good French friend of mine, Camille which was visiting her Irish friend. I also met  Couchsurfers though they could not host. THus I slept in some youth hostel where I met nice people from Germany, Montreal and Spain. We went to a Night Club and also joined some Irish guys thanks to whom, we got into the vip part of a nightclub for free. I also enjoyed a free touristic tour in dublin and ride cheap dublin ‘s bikes to visit the city. However, I found Dublin quite expensive in terms of travelling fees and restaurant or drinks.

After Dublin,  I focused on my dissertation until the beginning of September. Then, I went to Glasgow and to the isle of Arran as a break after having handed in my dissertation. I was with two other French friends and we slept at a couchsurfer place for our first night in Glasgow. It was quite funny because though I was dressed like a camper, we succeeded in getting in a nightclub where people were dressed up (thanks to a the couchsurfer who knew the bouncers). The day after, my French team went to the isle of Arran where we set our camp site before going to hike. The weather was cloudy but not that rainy and we enjoyed a few rainbows. During our second day of hiking we went up to the summit of the isle at the Goatfell pike at 864m above the sea. Is was amazingly beautiful and wild. My feet were destroyed but my mind was quite refreshed and I was ready to prepare my return in France next week.

This closes my Msc year in Lancaster but I did not say my farewell to Lancaster since I have had a positive answer to begin a Phd between Lancaster University and Paris Descartes University in October 2010. I will work on the « sampling and modelling of the prevalence of Leptospirosis in the slums of Salvador (Brazil). » Thus, during three years, I will alternate stays in Paris and stays in Lancaster. I might also spend a few months in Brazil :) .

Overall I think that this 2009/2010 MSc year  will be quite a springboard for me professionnally as weel as personnally. I think that the most important thing that I discovered for this year abroad was the fact of meeting and sharing things with other people that I did not know before. This gave me the feeling that « every people on earth are connected » with the same kinds of worries, the same kind of jokes which make them laugh, the same kinds of values in life and the same kinds of dreams. But perhaps in order to realise this, one needs to open their hands to the other.

Brief… it is getting late and I think that I should end this mail here and carry on working the next step of my life : a good night of sleep !

Enjoy the pictures!

 See you in France by the end of December {:o)


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