The visitors 1 in Lancaster!

Ok, so as you can guess it right now, this new blog is going to be more international than the first one given I am using English! I should say that it is a good thing for my French readers to improve their English!

I had a few topics waiting for the launching of this new blog ; the first one is the first visit of some members of my family in Lancaster!

It is true that the period of revision I have been through was tough and I should thank Françoise, Viktor (Victor in Viking) and Bertrand (Dad) for coming to visit me three days in last April. This was a good break in my revision! They were a bit in a rush because they had planned to visit all the UK in less than 7 seven days so as to enter in the Guinness book but it worked out well ! Just kidding :p.

In the album « The Visitors 1″, you have a few photographies of their stay. First, inside my Statistics building (where I work), then during a hiking in the Lakes District. It was a nice hiking though the rainny weather was not the cup of tea of Françoise nor of Victor. We planned to walk for 3 hours and left the car at 11 am. As I am a trustworthy hiking guide, 5 hours later we went back to our car…  (I should say I had forgotten there was a mountain in the middle of our walk lol).

The  Visitors 1


Nevertheless, they really enjoy the walk and especially Victor. I remember he was keen on walking ashore the Lake giving me details of his new medieval fantastic video game!

The day after our hiking, the weather was sunny and they went back to the Lakes District without me as I had to work. They had a car and could cover a big distance which let them have a pretty good idea of how beautiful the Lakes are.  At the end of their trip in the UK, my father told me that the beauty of the Lakes worthed well the picturesque landscape of the LochNess in Scotland.

They were quite happy with their cheap accommodations in Lancaster University campus, except Viktor who was infortunately in a bedroom near the highway with a window which was badly soundproofed… This explains why he looks sleepy on some photographies :p. Lol!! Sorry Viktor about taking you as my jokes target in this post.

This was great to host some of my relatives in Lancaster since it made me feel that though I am far away, we can still see each other easily.


Thanks for that and see you next time!

Hoping to get new visitors to  film « The Visitors 2″,







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